Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dodging the bribes to Mali and Niger

How does one collect receipts from corrupt officials who demand a money/gifts or they will hold on to one's passport or other important documents for an unspecified time?

And then, if you have the receipts, how does one justify it as a necessary expense in doing grant research?

These are things that no one prepares you for but if you have lived in any part of Africa for a significant amount of time, you become accustomed to it and develop your own lines of defense.

I am delayed in making it to Mali and Niger but I am glad to say I have the proper visas now to move on and start my research.

First, a pass through Mauritania and a reunion with a few peolpe I worked with in the past.

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Karl's Brother said...

HI Franklin,
You might think about being careful with the term "bribery" on an open page to which the NSF will be directed (soon).